Spain Ecommerce Market Insights

22 June, 2018

Spain – the next big market to take off, its B2C e-commerce revenue will hit € 24.7 billion by 2022

Though Spain’s e-commerce lags behind the mature markets in Western and Central Europe, it has been predicted to take off as the next big market. If you are thinking of expanding into a new market, Spain should be high on your list of prospects for sales success.

Thanks to the rapid economic recovery, the Spanish e-commerce sector is growing substantially. According to Statista, e-commerce revenue in Spain will reach € 24.7 billion by 2022. Over half of the population are online shoppers among whom40% have shopped both domestically and from cross-border retailers. Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay are the most popular foreign e-commerce sites in the local market. Better price is one of the compelling reasons for price-sensitive Spanish consumers to buy from e-tailers. Spain is becoming an appealing destination for cross-border retailers to grow.

More importantly, selling to Spain will open the door to a large population of online shoppers who speak Spanish, the third most widely-used language online around the globe. This year, one of the top players for e-commerce platforms in China,, already launched its Spanish shopping platform to target the world’s Spanish-speaking population.

However, when branching into the Spanish market, retailers need to have a different strategy. They need a strong understanding of what Spanish consumers are craving, what they value most when they shop across borders, what they expect from delivery, what their m-commerce trends are, and more. To provide you with more insight about the Spanish market, we have compiled some key facts and considerations for selling into Spain.

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