Integrated Logistics

One stop solution for your operations that brings your goods safely to worldwide destinations

With our expertise and resources, we offer a reliable and flexible solution for different activities and volumes to companies wanting to outsource their operations, from storage management to order preparation and processing.


  • Storage and fulfillment within the Free Trade Zone
  • Enjoying the benefits from international postal network
  • A strong line up of postal solutions for 45 destinations
  • Integration with well-known e-commerce and marketplace platforms
  • Minimizing the costs of space rental and workforce
  • Flexibility in managing different activities and volumes

Ideal for

  • Marketplaces and e-retailers wishing to outsource their operations from storage to stock management up to the preparation and processing of orders to distribution worldwide.
  • Companies in need of cost-effective and reliable one-stop integrated logistics and shipping solutions worldwide.
  • Startup companies who are looking for a fulfilment partner offering customisable services and advice.
  • Companies that offer , in particular, nutritional products, paper converting, editorial/ home video, books & stationery, household goods/ home appliances, fashion & accessories, cosmetics, stationery, medical and so on.
  • FMCG sellers who want to avoid VAT/GST outlay for the goods in transit.

With our collection and pick-up services, we can easily facilitate your air freight or ocean freight shipments and take them straight to our facilities.

Our collection services are arranged around your schedules and operations, making life easier for you.

Our seamless IT integration solutions promote efficiency and reduce costs allowing you to focus on growing your cross-boarder business.

IT integration

  • API Integration Shipping tool
    API Integration Shipping tool

    Optimize the complimentary dashboard provided, for full clear visibility of your stock levels in real time, reducing operating expenses and make a better decision on your stock purchase.

    Analytical reports can be easily generated based on your likes help to understand your inventory movements and orders performance with just a few clicks.

    Contact us to know more about how we are using API integration.

  • Warehouse Management System
    Warehouse Management System

    Simplify Warehouse Management through our web-based eWMS, no matter what your company size is.

    Our eWMS is integrated with a variety of ecommerce web store providers, marketplaces and platforms, managing your ecommerce cross-border orders and fulfilment seamlessly with ease.

    Contact us to know more about our warehouse management system.


  • Warehousing

    We provide spacious and fully air-conditioned warehouse within Singapore Free Trade Zone.

    Singapore's close geographical proximity to major manufacturing hubs in Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc) make it an ideal international fulfilment and logistics hub for you to reach your customers globally.

    Contact us to provide a customized solution for your country.

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Manage complex stock inbound & outbound levels accurately at your fingertips with our eWMS.

    We manage and check your inventory levels, ensure your order is delivered, and help you allocate resources where they are most needed. We provide a complete overview of your inventory and can be provided at any time, whenever you need it.

    Contact us to provide a customized solution for your country.

  • Sorting and Packaging
    Sorting and Packaging

    We offer flexible solutions including various options of packaging materials as well as the printing and supplying of product marketing collaterals.

    Contact us to provide a customized solution for your country.

Customs clearance and VAT

  • Customs Clearance Mail
    Customs Clearance Mail

    Getting your mail through customs safely and quickly.

    With our help, your mail can clear customs safely, ensuring your customers receive it in a timely manner. We can assist with duty and taxes and prepare your mailings for customs clearance. Our expert services are designed to support all your cross-border mailing campaigns through customs.

    Contact us to learn more about Customs Clearance.

  • Customs Prepaid solutions
    Customs Prepaid solutions

    A customs prepaid solution is suitable for the shipments of goods which come with taxes and duties.

    Using the prepaid solution to pay any duties and taxes in advance to avoid unexpected costs and prevent parcel refused. It makes duty, taxes and import processes the responsibility of the retailer by the time purchasing occurs.

    A customs prepaid solution suits any shipments of goods which incur taxes and duties. The calculation of duties and taxes is based on different criteria, for example the value and type of goods, destination, local regulations and VAT threshold and Incoterms. A customs prepaid solution suits any shipments of goods which incur taxes and duties.

    Contact us to learn more about Customs Prepaid.

Our Client Management team and expert tools can provide proactive customer support for businesses of all sizes.