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About Asendia

We empower businesses to grow across borders with a range of international e-commerce and mail delivery services.

Launched in 2012 by La Poste and Swiss Post, and with operations across the world, we bring together a wealth of international and local expertise, and a network that delivers to over 200 countries and territories.


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Asendia is located in 4 continents and delivers parcels & mail worldwide

Austria  /   Belgium  /  Denmark  /   France  /   Germany  /  Italy  /  Netherlands  /  Spain   /  Sweden  /  SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom
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North Asia

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Asendia has partnered with An Post for their Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland.
Middle East

Asendia has partnered with Emirates Post Group (EPG), the logistics market enabler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to cover the complete range of e-PAQ services (Standard, Plus and Select) in the GCC countries and Middle East.  

Emirates Post reveals new look - Parcel and Postal ...

 Asendia has partnered with Israel Post, the largest last-mile provider in Israel.  
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DTDC, a leading Indian Express and Parcel Service Provider, have a strategic partnership with Asendia to offer Indian retailers access to Asendia's global network. Competitive tracked solutions are available to key destinations such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.




Asendia is partners with Selluseller, the Asian market is dominated by marketplaces, and with Selluseller’s SaaS platform you can manage inventory, orders, pricing and product catalogue across 40+ marketplaces in Asia.



South Asia

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Asendia Europe
Austria  /   Belgium  /  Denmark  /   France  /   Germany  /  Italy  /  Norway   /  Netherlands  /  Spain   /  Sweden  /  United Kingdom
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Asendia Singapore combines years of experience to offer unrivalled e-commerce and mail solutions.


Asendia Singapore strengthens our offer across Asia with an experienced leadership team in the mail and parcel logistics industry.

We ensure that online retailers in Singapore can deliver a world-class cross-border shopper experience. For this, retailers need easy-to-use, trustworthy and comprehensive solutions to satisfy the growing demands of online global shoppers. That's exactly what we offer!



Where are we?

Our Singapore Headquarters is located at 40 Alps Avenue, #07-02, Singapore, 498781



Our Strategic Partners

Asendia Singapore has strategic partnerships with leading providers of logistics services and digital e-commerce platforms, and as well as final-mile delivery companies. This gives more businesses across the region access to our delivery services, and much more.


Our Local Mission

We aim to be a leading disruptor in the Asia market by providing an alternative approach to cross-border mail and parcel distribution for businesses in this region. Through this commitment to you and with support of our Group, we will achieve sustainable growth and financial success.


Meet the team

We have a wealth of knowledge and provide a friendly and professional service. As well as our team at Asendia Singapore we have the support of colleagues and partners within the Asia Pacific region and at our Head Offices in France and Switzerland.  
Lionel Berthe
Head of Asia-Pacific  
Mohamed Abbas
Head of Financial Planning & Analysis APAC
Senthil Kumar
CEO Singapore / South Asia
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Justin Kek
Chief Business Development Officier APAC

Carl Hemus Chief Operations Officer APAC

Bridget Neo
Head of Human Resources APAC





Christopher Wong
Head of Sales & Business Development
Muhammad Sopri

Yuki Yong   Head of Network APAC






 Alex Tan
CFO Singapore 




Our Strategic Partners

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Our partnership model enables us to offer you several ways to access our delivery services, and many more solutions to achieve success internationally.


Asendia Singapore has strategic partnerships with leading providers of e-commerce fulfilment services and digital e-commerce platforms, as well as delivery companies. This enables us to provide you with more ways of accessing our services, with an integrated solution that not only handles your international order distribution but also optimises the whole process from order receipt to delivery.
We can also empower you to grow your business by localising your customer’s shopping experience no matter where they are in the world and connecting you to marketplaces.
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Delivery Partners

Localised final-mile delivery

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Asendia works in partnership with mail and parcel delivery providers around the world that handle final-mile delivery. Our parent companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, have reciprocal agreements with postal operators in over 170 countries and we also work with commercial parcel providers in all the major and emerging markets.

In some countries we have negotiated alliances that offer a number of extra benefits and we call these our Premium Partners.




Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express delivery company providing hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia.

Launched in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore and has become the region's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, with a network covering six countries across Southeast Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.



Unrivalled mail heritage and innovating in e-commerce


Asendia’s heritage as a mail business is unrivalled, but today we are also at the forefront in providing e-commerce parcel solutions for e-tailers selling internationally. We provide a number of value added services too, including returns, fulfilment and lettershop, and we have acquired a number of companies to enhance our services, including eshopworld a global e-commerce software business.

La Poste and Swiss Post

Founded in 2012, Asendia has the combined expertise of over 1,500 employees across 4 continents.

32 Global locations

Operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania and final-mile delivery partners across the globe.

Delivering Worldwide

Our e-PAQ parcel solutions and mail services are global and we deliver millions of items each month.


Asendia's Vision 2025

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We make cross-border commerce easy, reliable and sustainable - worldwide
Customers come first and we support their international ambitions through smart technology and agile logistics excellence.

 We provide brands with digital solutions improving consumers’ online shopping experience and connect retailers with marketplaces.

 We give our customers access to global markets through our extensive and innovative distribution solutions, harnessing our worldwide postal partnerships.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

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We are committed to continually improve and expand our services to the benefit of our customers. In recent years we have taken big steps to achieve this through acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

esw logoAsendia acquired full ownership of ESW in 2021.

ESW is the complete enterprise commerce solution for iconic brands looking to accelerate growth within and across borders. With ease and speed.

With their innovative technology, you can optimise the end-to-end customer journey; from customer acquisition and checkout, and all the way to shipping and returns.


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Our acquisitions of wnDirect (UK) and Globegistics (USA) are excellent examples of our commitment to expand and enhance our e-commerce services. These two businesses were relatively young, dynamic and successful companies that developed their international parcel solutions through market-leading technology. This includes customs clearance and delivery duty paid services, and returns solutions, in addition to international parcel delivery services. 


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Premium Partners

Asendia works hand-in-hand with postal and parcel operators in over 200 countries and territories. However in some regions we have Premium Partnerships which provide Asendia's customers with even more benefits.



Asendia has partnered with An Post's Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland. Asendia is your expert for cross-border deliveries from 17 countries worldwide, and An Post is the most experienced and trusted ecommerce parcel delivery company in Ireland. Hand-in-hand we work to provide an excellent customer experience for you and your Irish customers.



In 2016, Asendia signed a sales partnership with Israel Post for e-commerce parcel solutions to Israel. This partnership will unlock potential for retailers looking to expand their commerce to Israel, a destination with many opportunities. Israel Post is the largest last mile provider in the country and the deal with Asendia not only offers excellent value for money but also ensures parcels injected into their parcel network are expedited.



Sustainability taken seriously

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Our founding companies La Poste and Swiss Post were ahead of their time with sustainable initiatives and carbon offsetting. In fact, La Poste was the first delivery operator in the world to reach carbon neutrality by 2012 for mail, parcel, express and digital services.

At Asendia, we are proudly continuing that heritage with sustainability as a core focus.




As of 2022, not only does Asendia offset all international transport emissions, we also include those by our delivery partners, parcel returns, our building emissions, machinery, and necessary business travel.


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