Asendia Deepens Commitment to Asia-Pacific with Strategic CEO and Managing Director Hires

18 January, 2023

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Senthil Kumar joins as CEO of Asendia Singapore/South Asia and Stuart Foster joins as Managing Director of Asian Desk, APAC from January 2023.

SINGAPORE, 16 January 2023 - Asendia, one of the world’s leading e-commerce logistics providers, announced today the strategic hire of Senthil Kumar as CEO of Asendia Singapore/South Asia (Asendia Singapore Pte Ltd) and Stuart Foster as Managing Director of Asian Desk, APAC (Asendia Asian Desk). The hires of Senthil and Stuart strengthen Asendia’s commitment to Asia-Pacific, in line with its e-commerce logistics solutions that offer e-commerce focus companies a strategic foothold in growing South-East Asia and North Asia.

“We are pleased to kick-start a new year by welcoming two industry stalwarts to Asendia. Senthil and Stuart are both highly experienced and bring with them a deep understanding of the industry and the region. They have a great strategic vision to grow Asendia in Asia-Pacific while better serving our fast-growing customer base. Asendia is on an expansion plan in Asia-Pacific, and we are excited by the region’s unexploited potential that we aim to be a market leader for sustainable cross-border e-commerce solutions by 2025.” said Lionel Berthe, Head of Asendia Asia Pacific.


The Asia Pacific B2C E-commerce Gross Merchandise Value is projected to increase from US$3,082.3 billion in 2021 to US$5,306.2 billion by 2026. Based on external data, Singapore has a significant 78% of online consumers shopping with international merchants and cross-border e-commerce. While in Hong Kong, cross-border transactions make up 25% of all e-commerce sales. “All these data forecasted great opportunities for brands and retailers, and Asendia is the perfect partner to support them as they leverage the full growth potential through the best and most comprehensive e-commerce solutions. I am confident of Senthil and Stuart’s leadership and look forward to seeing them take the company to greater heights in the years to come,” Lionel commented.


Tapping on Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific boasts a growing middle class with increasing levels of disposable income. This combined with high levels of internet penetration and accessibility, and smartphone ownership has driven an organic demand for e-commerce. The demand has also been driven by the popularity of social media amongst the youth with retailers using social media platforms to advertise and promote e-commerce.

Senthil Kumar’s hire as the CEO for Singapore and South Asia is key to tapping the immense growth opportunities in Asia-Pacific for brands and retailers.

"Although the current market situations are not ideal from a macro-economic perspective - South and Southeast Asia are still very rife with opportunities from a cross-border logistics perspective. Having successfully deployed growth strategies in various companies in prior years, I look forward to working and implementing fresh growth trajectories by synergizing the strong Asendia products with the market needs. Further to this, I look forward to working with the entire Asendia team and contributing to the company from all angles in these challenging and exciting times!" said Senthil Kumar, CEO of Asendia Singapore/South Asia.


Senthil is a highly experienced leader who brings with him over 15 years of experience in general management, e-commerce and logistics and has held senior leadership positions in DHL E-commerce, Samsung and most recently Janio Asia. He has an intimate knowledge of, and experience across various facets of logistics and e-commerce and utilized this experience to build cohesive teams and grow sustainable revenue and profit in challenging market environments.

He was awarded the Asian Business Fellowship Award (by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore) in the early years of his career and has had market exposure and hands-on knowledge across various geographies (South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia and Oceania) that would be critical in his new role with Asendia Singapore.        


Breaking Cross-Border Barriers

Stuart brings with him 19 years of extensive and rich experience in the parcel delivery industry. He has built his career working in diverse functions from sales to the management of pricing and customer solutions, and to international sales director. He believes that success at an international level can be achieved with committed local partners and e-commerce players are driven by good customer satisfaction.

Remarking on the need for efficient Europe-Asia goods flow, Stuart Foster said:

“The shipping routes from Asia to Europe are constantly evolving and the Asian Desk department of Asendia APAC is the single-entry point for all Asian clients who have facilities in Europe. We are taking care of the client on the operation and sales levels. With Asendia APAC, we are not only talking about the last mile but the entire parcel journey including the customs clearance.

“Joining a leader like Asendia, with its positioning across Asia, Americas, and Europe, is key to answering Asian client needs. Products like e-PAQ are aimed at ensuring that client needs are fully supported to high standards. We are also developing additional solutions to increase volume exchanges between Europe and Asia. Asian consumers are very keen on buying European goods. We want to facilitate the shipping process to empower European sellers in this strategic market.”

Stuart started his career with UPS before moving to La Poste France where he successfully launched the International Sales department of Colissimo (a subsidiary of La Poste) as the Head of International Sales. He led his team to support clients and local partners to develop cross-order shipments to France and Europe. His last stint was as Managing Director Asia for Seven Senders, a European leading delivery platform, where he oversaw the optimisation of international delivery services from Asia to Europe, and vice versa.

Asendia has been active in Asia-Pacific since the time of the company’s creation in 2012. The group has subsidiaries in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. The group provides brands, retailers, marketplaces and consolidations logistics and digital solutions access to global markets through extensive and innovative distribution solutions, harnessing their worldwide postal partnerships.


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