Beautiful Benelux: Discover Europe's Commercial Heart

03 March, 2022


Benelux is a politico-economic region in Europe made up of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Established in 1944 to free movement of goods, workers and services, its e-commerce market enjoys the same freedoms and is rapidly maturing.

With three separate countries and several languages spoken in Benelux, the key to success in this region is localisation. If you can meet the needs of Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourgish e-shoppers’ individual preferences, you’ll reap the benefits of a growing e-commerce market, a strategic location in the heart of EU commerce and millions of shoppers eager to buy cross-border.

Across Benelux, the most popular e-commerce purchases include fashion and leisure goods, travel, computers and other electronics, and health and beauty items. As many as 79% of Benelux’s 30 million residents shop online regularly, relying on credit and debit cards to make purchases - although Emoney is rapidly increasing in popularity.

The Benelux e-commerce market

While Dutch e-commerce businesses such as and Coolblue are currently the largest online retailers in Benelux, shoppers in Benelux are sophisticated and prepared to shop around for the best deal - including at retailers in other countries, as they’re used to cross-border shopping and delivery.

In fact, looking for the best deals is one of the main reasons consumers in Belgium and the Netherlands shop online. Offering low-cost and high-speed delivery could make the difference between a consumer buying from you – or your competitors.

With such a wide choice of retailers, e-commerce businesses looking to grow in the region know that, to grab shoppers’ attention, they must offer a delivery solution that suits them, with the tracking and delivery options they prefer.

e-PAQ: Delivery designed for Benelux

However you want to expand your e-commerce business to new destinations worldwide, Asendia is on hand to guide you with our expert local knowledge, experience in international e-commerce delivery and wide range of flexible solutions designed to cater for the needs of customers everywhere.

With e-PAQ, you can offer online shoppers in Benelux delivery services that are flexible on price, speed and tracking, depending on their personal preference. Whether they want affordable delivery on low-value goods or full tracking on an important item, e-PAQ can do it all.


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