How to Prepare Toys, Games, and Electronics for Cross-Border Ecommerce Shipping

13 December, 2018


The end of the year is fast approaching and your business is likely in the midst of handling increased sales and shipments. If some of your parcels have international destinations, you may need to brush up on your cross-border shipping etiquette.


With so many items on your to-do list, it may be overwhelming to think about confronting the various challenges associated with cross-border shipping. In addition to countless regulations and restrictions that vary based on country, you may have safety concerns for fragile parcels that have long journeys ahead of them.

Not all regions follow the same set of shipping guidelines. Some are stricter or more lenient and still, others have entirely unique international regulations, such as those that apply to board games or video game titles.

Packaging is a completely separate obstacle since products come in all shapes and sizes. Without a thorough list of best practices, even the most experienced international businesses could become lost or frustrated.

With loyal customers all over the world, you may be faced with navigating a complex path of prohibitions and packaging practices.

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