Innovative new tracked parcel delivery solutions from Asendia and wnDirect

20 June, 2020


As a result of acquiring e-commerce experts wnDirect, Asendia is delighted to offer even more commercial and postal delivery services.

Together, Asendia and wnDirect are a new, larger, e-commerce focused business, giving Asendia customers access to all wnDirect’s solutions. With a global international delivery network, extensive e-commerce expertise and services that include delivery, customs management and returns, wnDirect’s high-tech approach will bring exciting new innovations that continue to improve our customers’ e-commerce activity.

Our clients can now access a new Premium Goods service, Premium Goods by wnDirect, offering customs prepaid solutions to 200 destinations worldwide that benefit both shoppers and retailers:

  • Fluid logistics process with streamlined electronic customs clearance means fast and reliable deliveries for shoppers
  • Boost sales and shopper loyalty by offering a positive customer experience and a range of delivery options by trusted partners
  • 99.9% tracked deliveries, from network entry point until final delivery, ensuring total visibility and reducing inbound enquiries
  • Simple IT integration through a wide variety of platforms and access through Asendia Shipping systems
  • Electronic customs clearance; managing Duty, Tax & ID requirements through local language secure online platforms and offering flexible DDU/DAP and customs prepaid options (DDP)
  • Supportive of landed cost models, where full transparency of costs at checkout for the consumer can reduce refusal rates on delivery
  • Multiple customs gateways into major e-commerce markets to get faster delivery to consumers and save costs through network efficiency
  • Add-on innovations including direct delivery to store/pick-up point in many world markets
  • Keeping your consumers updated, with personalised and branded electronic communications as the parcels make their way through to delivery

International delivery innovation

E-commerce is a fast paced and moving industry; to keep up with the demands of your shoppers wnDirect are constantly innovating and creating new solutions that help you give a better delivery experience.

  • wnDirect pride themselves in their understanding of retail, quick response to market changes and innovative solutions
  • Your brand integrity is always maintained, and the brand experience is a positive one for your shoppers
  • Dedicated in-house IT developers and a collaborative approach to new methods and carrier relationships enables wnDirect to adapt for the best shopper experience
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