Join Asendia’s Experts speaking at webinars of ECOMMERCE WORLD REVIEW

22 February, 2021

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From March 1 - March 5 2021 RetailX is hosting the ECOMMERCE WORLD REVIEW.

Researchers, editors, industry experts and special guests will discuss the current state of world e-commerce across 15 free webinars in 5 days. Asendia is proud partner of RetailX and their in-depth reports in the most prominent B2C markets around the world and will be present as speakers in some of the webinars.

You can register for FREE to the webinars. The full recording of the Asendia’s expert webinars will be provided later as well on the Asendia Insights blog.  Also, do not miss out to download any of these E-commerce reports right NOW prior to the webinar. They offer an unique insight into all those rapidly growing markets.

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Paul Zhou-1Yellow line

Paul Zhou
VP Commercial Sales & Account Service, Asendia Hong Kong

China E-Commerce Report 2020 in Discussion
March 1 – 10.00 GMT

Join Paul discussing the China 2020 E-commerce report, the Chinese e-commerce powerhouse, what did Singles Day 2020, and what is to expect in the future.
Download the report prior to the webinar



Renaud Marliere-1Yellow line

Renaud Marlière
Chief Business Development Officer Asendia Management

Sustainability 2020 in Discussion
March 1 – 15.30 GMT

Join Renaud Marlière, Chief Business Development Officer at Asendia for an all-encompassing overview of the current state and future direction of sustainability amongst Europe’s retailers and brands, especially in terms of delivery.


Simon_BattYellow line

Simon Batt
CEO Asendia UK

Global E-commerce Report 2020 in Discussion
March 3 – 13.00 GMT

Join Simon Batt, CEO Asendia UK, for an overview of worldwide e-commerce. As well as focusing on areas that often get overlooked but have huge potential.
Download the report prior to the webinar



Thomas_BergerYellow line

Thomas Berger
Chief E-Commerce & Marketing Officer Asendia Germany

Europe E-commerce Report 2020 Report in Discussion
March 5 - 13.00 GMT

Join Thomas Berger, Chief E-Commerce & Marketing Officer Asendia Germany for an overview of the European e-commerce landscape.
Download the report prior to the webinar



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