Shipping to Canada? Here’s What Canadian Shoppers Want

16 April, 2019

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Shipping cross-border can seem like a daunting task. You want to grow your e-Commerce business outside of the United States, but you have questions about pricing, shipping, and returns in unfamiliar territories.

If you’re hesitant about expanding your e-Commerce business outside of the United States, a good place to start is Canada. Canada’s e-Commerce market is growing, and, with its close proximity and relationship to the United States, cross-border shipping is less complicated than you might think.

With 86% of Canadians shopping online at any given time, the opportunities you gain when expanding your e-Commerce shipping and sales to Canada are invaluable. When it comes to making purchases online, shoppers in Canada have the same concerns their US neighbors do - pricing, shipping, and returns - and Asendia USA makes cross-border shipping easy for both you and your customers. Here’s a simple guide to what Canadian shoppers are looking for in e-Commerce so you can ship across the northern border with ease.


Seamless, Personalized Experiences on Etailers’ Websites

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes higher expectations. Canadian shoppers, in particular, tend to be less forgiving if their online shopping experience is frustrating and are quick to switch retailers for that reason.

Avoid this situation by ensuring shoppers’ experiences are pleasant the moment they arrive on your website. Create an atmosphere that truly speaks to Canadian shoppers by:

  • Listing costs in Canadian currency
  • Providing clear shipping options from which to choose
  • Displaying total landed costs (including taxes and fees)
  • Offering familiar payment options
  • Providing a multilingual e-Commerce site, especially since close to 30% of the Canadian population speaks French


Great Mobile Buying Experience

Mobile commerce is an emerging trend in Canada, not only to complete purchases but when evaluating what to buy. In fact, 79% of Canadians use search to “window shop” before completing a purchase to get a better idea of what to buy, and 66% say they learned about a new company or product this way. It’s crucial for etailers interested in selling to Canada to understand these trends. Now is the time to ensure your e-Commerce site is optimized for mobile and offers a seamless mobile buying experience.


Affordable Shipping Costs

You don’t want shoppers to fill up their carts and arrive at the checkout screen only to be presented with expensive shipping costs, causing them to abandon their purchases. In Canada, any purchase worth over $150CAD (about $112USD) is subject to import duties and taxes, including a 5% goods and services tax (GST) and provincial sales taxes (PST) depending on what Canadian province you’re shipping to. Customers also want their parcels to be tracked and to be delivered in a timely manner at a reasonable shipping rate. For US etailers, this means offering shipping options that make cross-border shopping affordable for Canadians.


Simple Return Policies

Confusing return policies are yet another factor that causes customers to abandon their purchases. Cross-border returns become complicated when a customer is left paying expensive return costs, on top of what they’ve already paid for the initial purchase and shipping. You want repeat customers - not customers frustrated by expensive returns after one purchase.


Successfully Expand Your Business Into Canada

With the help of Asendia USA’s cross-border e-Commerce solutions, you have options for efficient, affordable delivery to Canada. We take all the guesswork out of managing foreign transactions and shipping products internationally so you can focus growing your business internationally.


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