What to Look for From Your International Parcel Tracking

23 July, 2018

International parcel tracking is a feature of many global shipping services today. It provides visibility on packages throughout their transit and “can I track my parcel?” is one of the most common questions that e-commerce retailers and sellers receive. Offering reliable international parcel tracking can help to expand a business into new markets. The right service helps to build trust with customers and can protect a retailer against false claims.


International parcel tracking – Key features

  • Real time location information. Both customer and retailer can access location data on parcels in transit. This helps to provide reassurance to customers and to provide an accurate estimate of delivery time. It will also reduce the volume of customer service queries received by a business from those who are trying to find out where a package is.
  • Evidence of shipping and delivery. 69% of online shoppers have experienced issues with online shopping, such as parcels turning up late or going missing. Offering international parcel tracking on orders helps to establish trust with customers by providing evidence of shipping progress and delivery. It will also provide proof of the journey of a parcel, which can protect the business if a customer makes a false claim of non-receipt.
  • A paper free process. Efficiency is another significant benefit of tracking technology today – it is designed to make the process of shipping simpler and easier, and to reduce administrative burden. The best international parcel tracking is completely paper free, providing quick and easy online access to data without the need for any paper based administration or making requests for information.
  • A variety of tracking options. International parcel tracking is available in a number of different formats with varying costs and benefits to each. For example, a tracked goods service might offer basic tracking that is limited to specific points in the journey of the packages – sometimes, this is all a customer requires and basic tracking tends to be a cheaper service. Or it could provide full tracking, which offers extensive transparency on the parcel throughout its transit from one country to another.
  • Easy to use interface. Building trust is the primary reason that most people use international parcel tracking and so an easy to use interface is incredibly important. It should be simple for both the customer and the retailer to view tracking information and to be able to identify where the parcel is throughout the process of transit.

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